What is 7's Rugby?

 7's Rugby is a ball game in which two teams face each other, aiming to score more points than the opposing team. Each half of the game lasts for seven minutes, with a one minute break in between. You play with an oval ball which is also called “egg” or “pill”.

In comparison to other sports it is only allowed to pass the ball backwards because the player is supposed to cover the distance to the in-goal area and not the ball.


Values as team spirit, commitment, fairness and accepting the referee's decision as non questionable instance on the field are special for Rugby and show that Rugby can be played by everyone.

Because of the short amount of real playing time (14 minutes plus 1 minute break) 7's Rugby is held up in a tournament. This variety and speed make this form of Rugby not only for “die-hard” fans very interesting but also for beginners.