Welcome to Rugby!

The first training has been held on 18th of April 2016, in total already 15 people attended.

Since then we held up a training every Monday, by now even women play with us, which is great because we also play in a mixed team.


We are happy about every new face and participant!


It doesn’t matter how old you are, what size or gender you have, just put on some weatherproof clothing and hop on the grass!


Some details about myself: My name is Marco Kühne and I have got a B.A. in Sport Science, I am playing Rugby for about nine years now and I am also a licensed trainer.

Depending on your constitution, I want to support and train you, to show that Rugby is a sport everybody can play.

Besides tactical know how about the game I want to train you in a healthy way for your entire body and of course, show you how much fun Rugby is!

For the next three month I am planning a test phase, in which the training will take place without an entry fee. Depending on the attendance of players and overall effort, there is the option of the Integration of team into the BSC club association.

Furthermore we may have the possibility of holding up tournaments with other Rugby clubs to obtain practical experience in a real game.

For further information check out this website or follow us on facebook.

You will see how Rugby will not only challenge your body but also your brain, it is a miscellaneous sport and not just about jostling people down!


I am looking forward seeing you at the training!